Easter Special – Live Bunnies

Here we go with Bunny Photos again!  This year I will have the bunnies from March 21 through April 10.  If you want a weekend time, schedule early!  The sessions will be half an hour long for $65.  Families are welcome if there are 6 people or fewer members in the family.  Larger families will require more time.

Below are photos from past sessions that show the backdrops that I have, as well a couple of photos of backdrops that haven’t been used for Easter yet.  The names are listed below the picture. Please notice the drops that say they are a smaller backdrop, those will need small children, or fewer than 3 people.    All sessions will be in studio, Easter themed and with LIVE BUNNIES.  If your child is afraid of them, or you don’t want the bunnies, that is fine.  We can do spring photos instead.  Be sure to let me know ahead of time so that I’m ready for your preferences.  Please let me know which backdrops you want to use in your session ,  as I have everything set up and ready when you arrive.  If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please let me know so we can reschedule your time.

The bunnies will be coming from a home where they have been loved and played with by children. I generally have them in baskets for the kids to hold them for the safety of the kids and the bunnies alike. 

Call or text 801-718-4906 to schedule your session. 

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