August Wedding

I’m so behind on posting weddings! This beautiful wedding was held in August. It was a second wedding for both the bride and groom with the joining of two families. The kids all love each other already and get along so well!

The day started with everyone getting ready at the brides brothers house. they had someone doing makeup and hair.

The bride got pretty flasks for her and the maid of honor.

Toasts were made.

Everyone began celebrating early!

Once all the hair and makeup was done, everyone headed to the wedding venue for the ceremony. The groom and everyone with him were already there.

There was help for the father of the groom in getting his flower pinned to his jacket.

Brides always need help getting into their shoes once they are fully dressed in their wedding gowns. Look at these glass slipper looking shoes!

The bride helped her daughter get her flower tied onto her wrist.

All the girls are ready for the wedding ceremony to begin.

Mama bride with her little girl.

Here are the kids whose parents are getting married.

Before the wedding ceremony they did a first look. But not your normal first look. This one was the sons of the groom seeing the bride. Such a darling look on this boy.

Everyone was happy and excited for this wedding!

And the first look where the groom sees the daughter of the bride.

It was the cutest idea, and made it so fun for the kids.

Here is the bride and her dad getting ready to walk down the isle.

The bride and groom each said their own vows.

You may now kiss as husband and wife.

Mr. and Mrs!!

The newly married family.

Toasts with the wedding party.

The wedding party.

The groom with his best man and all the groomsmen.

The bride with her bridesmaids and maid of honor.

All the groomsmen had such a fun time with the bride too!

The bridesmaids liked the groom pretty well too….

The groom got all the groomsment flasks with their name and the date of the wedding on them.

Celebrating was done by all!

There was a lot of food for everyone. The bride and groom waited until after the posed photos were done before they ate.

After everyone ate the wedding dinner, they came outside and toasts were made by the best man and the maid of honor.

And a welcome to all from the mother of the bride!

Then it was time for the garter toss.


Throwing of the garter.

The one who catches it is next to be married!

Now for the boquet toss.

Everyone is lined up and ready. There are a lot of hopeful girls ready to catch the boquet!

Its a fight!

And a DROP!

A lucky little girl swooped in and got the boquet!!

Following that were the dances. First was the bride and grooms first dance.

Such love shown on his face.

Mother Son dance.

And finally the father daughter dance. They both had such a fun time.

More wedding toasts!!

Time to cut the wedding cake.

This darling couple had fun with every single thing on their wedding day.

They fed each other the wedding cake so nicely.

There were wedding favors for each guest to take home. These keys are bottle openers, with a thank you for being a key part of their lives.

For the rest of the night there was dancing. Everyone danced.

This was such a fun wedding and party afterward. It was held at a golf course venue in the Salt Lake Valley. It was beautiful. The sunset was gorgeous and the weather perfect.

May they live happily ever after!!

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