The wedding of Nada & Adam

I had the privilege of flying to Oregon to do this wedding.  It was a beautifully rainy day.   There is a reason that it is so green in Oregon!

When I got there the bride was already dressed and ready to go. Her grandmother had made some goodies for the brides room.

The bride wore the same dress her mother wore. It fit her perfectly.

Before the ceremony they chose to do a First Look.

The groom as he was waiting for the bride…
A little tap on his shoulder.
He liked what he saw.
True love.

Then the ceremony was beginning. The bridal party walked first.

The brides father was also the pastor. He walked her down the isle before he performed the ceremony.

The flower girl got a little grumpy when she just had to stand there for a while.

During the ceremony there was a portion where the bride and groom worked together to build a cross.

Built by the bride and groom.
You many now kiss as husband and wife!
The beautiful rings.
The groom and his groomsmen. (all are his brothers)
The bride with her bridesmaids.
The wedding party.
The brides family.
The grooms family.
The bride with the flower girls.
The bride and her pretty Mama!
I love twirling brides.
Everyone wanted to take a picture.

The reception immediately followed. The food was delicious.

This little boy recognized someone at one of the tables and had to go talk to him.
Its not every day Santa Claus is in his plain clothes and attending a wedding. You have to talk to him when you get a chance!
Lets cut the cake.
Such trust in each other.
And off they go. There was rain as the bubbles were blown. The rain didn’t hinder the celebration at all!

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