Temple Wedding

This wedding was for a couple who had both been married before. The groom had lost his wife of 62 years a few years ago, and was ready to get married again. The bride had been divorced from her first husband for a lot of years and didn’t think she would ever remarry. They found each other and the rest is history.

The temple they were married in.
After they came out.
The bride and groom.
We got shots with family members who were at the temple.
This is them with their kids.
So many family members were there.
Afterwards there was a reception.
It was set up beautifully.
There was cake as one of the foods.
The bride and groom sat, for maybe 5 minutes and then the guests started to arrive. They met with guests for at least an hour. It was an unending line of people anxious to offer their congratulations.
Evem the kids had fun.
They had a beautiful cake.
They fed each other the wedding cake without making a mess.
And then a kiss.
Grandsons performed a special song for them.
First a daughter spoke.
Then another daughter spoke.

And finally a son in law said a few words.
The bride and groom enjoyed themselves tremendously.
Then they danced.
And they danced…
And they danced!
Beautiful wedding ring.
Then they were off.
The bride and groom left to the ribbons being waved by all that attended.

May they be happy always!

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