Wedding in the Park

A wedding in August, in a park is so romantic! Everything was low key and so pretty. The bride and groom got ready at home, and then arrived at the park where everthing was all ready for them. The decorations were so pretty, and so many people came to see them exchange vows.

All the tables were decorated with candies and momentos that were special to the bride and groom.
The bride made most of the decorations and ALL of the floral arrangements.
The flower girl was very young and her mom helped her walk down the isle.
The brides son walked her down the isle.
They each said their own vows. The groomed was so sweet and so emotional.
Some of the attendees.
You may now kiss as husband and wife.
A relative sang some meaningful songs.
The bride and groom watched the singer for a while…
Then the bride and groom did their first dance to the sounds of the singing.
It isn’t official until you sign the contract!
The brides son was one of the witnesses.
The grooms son was another of the witnesses.
The bride talking to the flower girl.
Food was served.
They just did a small wedding cake.
The brides original family.
The grooms original family.
The newly blended family.
Having a little fun.
This is the groom with his mom and all his siblings.
The entire family (on the grooms side).

It was a lovely day. It was really warm outside but under the pavilion it wasn’t bad at all. There was plenty of parking and privacy for the entire wedding in the middle of everything else going on at the park in the summertime.

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