September Wedding…

This wedding was held at the most beautiful location! The weather was perfect and all the colors they chose went beautifully with the location and the time of year. The cermenoy was held just across the bridge pictured below. If you look closely you can see the chairs set up.

The door to the room where the groom and groomsmen got ready.

The ceiling in the grooms room was rather low. Some of the groomsmen had to duck a little bit. But they made the best of it and it really was a fun time.

The groom changed behind a privacy screen, he growled as I peaked in.

The brides room was upstairs. There were all sorts of mirrors and seating for everyone. It was a beautiful room with everyone getting ready at once.

The grooms mother helped to put his flower on. All of the flowers were made of wood. The bride dyed them and arranged them herself. They were stunning, and you would have thought they were real!

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom opted to do a first look. They went out to the gazebo to do it.

The groom kept his back turned as the bride approached.

Once the bride approached, she tapped his shoulder so he would turn around.

He was overcome with emotion.

There was nothing else to be done but to kiss!

After the first look they parted again to be ready for the ceremony. The mother of the bride had some last words for her daughter.

The ceremony began by each person in the wedding party walking out to where the ceremony was to be held.

The bride waited with her father for her turn to walk out.

Here comes the bride!

The ceremony was beautiful

The bride and groom exchanged COWS instead of vows.

Adorable COWS.

Then came the rings.

I love how brides and grooms are going away from the traditional settings. This ring is beautiful!!

You may kiss as husband and wife.

The signing of the marriage certificate.

The signing of the marriage certificate.

The first dance with the bride and the groom.

Some of the bridal party watch from the side.

Father daughter and mother son dances.

Everyone danced the night away.

The wedding cake, then the cutting of the cake.

And then the shoving of the wedding cake!!

We had to get some poses at this location. It was breathtaking.

As the sun set the celebration continued on. Everyone had such a great time. Weddings are such happy events.

May they live happily ever after!

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