Millcreek Wedding

This wedding was held in mid August up Millcreek Canyon. It was a rainy day in the mountains and so the weather was pleasant and it smelled so good!

The groom was there when I arrived. He was busy working on his vows and getting ready for the day.

It didn’t take long for the bride and her bridesmaids to come and finish getting ready.

Then they were ready to begin.

One of my favorite moments of a wedding is when the groom sees the bride for the first time.

Once the bride and groom were together, the ceremony began. It was lightly raining so umbrellas were passed around for those who wanted them.

The bride and groom each said their own vows.

The rings were blessed.

The best man dropped one of the rings taking them off the pillow. It was a close call, but he found it and the wedding continued.

Once the union was blessed, they kissed as husband and wife!

As the wedding concluded, a rainbow was in the sky.

After the wedding, but before the reception starts, we always do the posed photos. Below are a few of them.

The newly married family
The tables were ready for dinner.
The bar was open and and the celebration began!
The tent was lovely with the lights and the shelter from the rain. It did stop raining before dinner was finished.
The bride was the first to stand and say a few words.
The best man gave a speech.
The maid of honor gave a speech.
It was time to cut the beautiful cake.
The bride and groom were so good when they fed each other the wedding cake.
Then the game was played showing who they thought did each thing the most. It was so cute.
The first dance of the bride and groom.
The groom and his mother.
The bride and her father.
The groom with his new daughter.
Everyone joined in.
The DJ did a great job of getting everyone up and dancing. The dance floor was full the entire evening.
The bride danced with her baby.
The new family all danced.
Ooops. They needed a little privacy…
It was time to leave. There were bubbles blown as they left.

These were a few of the photos from their beautiful day. So many photos were taken that it was difficult to choose which ones best told their story. Now they have the task of choosing which ones they want to have in their album!

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple!

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