Spring Wedding

I’m a little behind on blogging the weddings I’ve photographed, so I’m starrting with this one that was three months ago.

It was a beautiful spring day, though a little chili outside. The bride knew what she wanted and planned the entire day down to every detail.

She had a gift for her son.
She even helped to do the flower girls hair.
The groom helped the little ones too.

Everyone wore the same shoes.
Even the bridesmaids wore the same shoes.
It was time to begin. The little ring bearer did such a great job!
There were six bridesmaids and six grooms men, and three flower girls.
The bride had her father, and her son walk her down the isle.
The moment he sees her coming.
The bride and groom each brought a child into the marriage, so they did a sand ceremony that was beautiful.
Each person added a different color of sand.
The bride had some special words for the daughter she was getting.
It had everyone in tears.
You may now kiss as husband and wife!
Such a happy time!
Once the signing of the papers was complete, the bride and groom had a high five for each other!
The groom danced with his daughter.
The bride danced with her son.
And of course they danced with each other. As well as a father daughter dance for the bride and her dad, and a mother son dance with the groom and his mom.
They cut the cake, there were toasts, there was a garter toss as well as the boquet toss. It was full of fun!
We even got to play outside with some sparklers!
It was a fun party with everyone toasting, dancing and having fun!
They had a photo booth too!
They were sent off with sparklers and bubbles.
Everything went so well. It was full of fun, love and celebration.

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